Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Last Post

That's it. All done. I would like to thank Baccus 6mm, Freezywater Publications and The Lance and Longbow Society for their generous support with this project. It would never have been half the project it finally was without you all. Thanks also go to Steve, Steve, Graham and Leigh for their help and enthusiasm. They really helped keep it alive. It has been a fine adventure all the way and we have had a good amount of support from people at shows that has jollied us along nicely. Thanks, peeps, for your support and kind comments. The Baccus Games Day was a good way to go out and Steve's write-up below needs no additions. I am now knackered and burnt out. If ever I agree to put on a large show game again, please hit me on the head and tell me not to, even if it involves figures I already own and have painted!!

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