Thursday 20 October 2011

They think it's all over ...

It is now. I have finally recovered from taking Towton to Derby at the beginning of October. It was a great show and we had loads of positive feedback from people. We were also able to field 18000 figures on the day, which was rather nice. We fought the battle to a conclusion on both days. It looked rather dicey for the Yorkists on the Saturday but they returned to their comfortable wins on the Sunday. So, that is it for this year. We never did manage to get the 25000 figures that was our target onto the table. On that basis, we must account the project a failure! The problem lay in not getting enough support from some people, who dropped out. In the end we only had four people putting the game on and I think we did rather well to achieve 18000 figures without killing ourselves, our enthusiasm or each other.

The game has now been put away, although the figures are likely to see usage in Impetus and possibly Bloody Barons games. We have been asked to take the game to the Baccus Games Day next year. That is a long while away and has been pencilled in to the calendar but a lot could happen between now and then.

On with the eye candy. I did not get much chance for taking photos of the games due to spending all my time talking to people, but there are a few to show you what we did.

The two armies deployed for battle:

Steve checks the rules before the battle begins:

Graham and Steve battling it out as the Lancastrians advance at the double:

The big mistake on the Saturday was putting Steve in charge of the Yorkists! That led to all of their problems!! ;-)