Sunday 31 October 2010

Show Diary - see us at Salute

Salute - 16th April 2011

The Rather Large Towton Project is now booked in at Salute 2011. We hope that you will be able to come along and see the game (and be impressed). We look forward to talking to any and all while there.

Monday 4 October 2010

The Worlds at Derby 2010

Well, Derby has been and gone and we had an excellent weekend. Saturday was fantastically busy with people coming and talking to us constantly, so we only got one game completed, but it was a Yorkist victory, which boded well for the rest of the weekend. We completed three games on the Sunday, which was quieter, with the last game being a surprise Lancastrian victory.

The games were characterised by a number of amusing turns of fate. The first game saw most of the battle fought in the sun! We rolled each turn to see if there was a clear spell, during which the Lancastrian guns might fire, and the Lancastrians rolled rather a lot of them during that game. We also rolled to see if Lord Grey would change sides when Edward reached him. The die roll was weighted towards him changing sides, but he only actually did so in one game! He did die rather a lot though. See if you can spot how often he is surrounded in the pictures below.

The comments we received were very supportive and positive, even from the "I could never paint anything that small" brigade, of whom only a very few were present. Thank you to everyone that dropped by and let us talk at them! ;-) It was great to meet up with various friends while we were there, and it was great to meet a whole bunch of new people, whom I only know from the internet.

Here is a selection of shots of the game in case you did not make it to see us. Click the images for larger versions.

Our 'stall':

The Yorkists begin their first advance of the weekend while Steve looks up some rules:

Lord Grey surrounded and about to die heroically:

Leigh contemplates the Lancastrian situation:

The Yorkists swarm the Lancastrian lines:

The view from the Lancastrian lines at the start of the second game:

The second game progresses as the Yorkists advance through the mud:


Two views of the melee:

The Yorkists gain a foothold in the Lancastrian camp:

While some of their troops rout (look for the two D markers) other Yorkist contingents have gained the camp and turned on the Lancastrian flanks:

Less good times for the Yorkists. Most of their army is routing and the camp seems secure:

The face of a victorious Lancastrian commander: