Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Last Post

That's it. All done. I would like to thank Baccus 6mm, Freezywater Publications and The Lance and Longbow Society for their generous support with this project. It would never have been half the project it finally was without you all. Thanks also go to Steve, Steve, Graham and Leigh for their help and enthusiasm. They really helped keep it alive. It has been a fine adventure all the way and we have had a good amount of support from people at shows that has jollied us along nicely. Thanks, peeps, for your support and kind comments. The Baccus Games Day was a good way to go out and Steve's write-up below needs no additions. I am now knackered and burnt out. If ever I agree to put on a large show game again, please hit me on the head and tell me not to, even if it involves figures I already own and have painted!!

Monday 23 July 2012

....Well It Is Now

And so it came to pass that the Towton boards and figures were wheeled out for their final outing. It may have only been two thirds the size of it's largest incarnation, as Leigh and Graham were not allowed to come out and play. Still there was barely a dry eye in the house.

Ruarigh ponders over the rules and how to give the Lancastrians a victory. Everything is in their favour for this game, mainly me in charge of the Yorkists.

The ordering system from Poleaxed caused it's usual chaos, with several until including Northumberland's being confused by the order to advance. In fact one until went as far as returning to their home castle to check the dictionary, only to discover it wouldn't be written for another 150 years. The levy contingent on Northumberland's left decided advance was in fact was the old Norse for charge across the field screaming.

By the time the Lancastrians reached the Yorkist lines, they were a bedraggled bunch, and several unit had decided to leave the field. All this meant that Norfolk could stay tucked up in bed with a hot totty, sorry a hot tot of whisky.

It has been a fun and tiring journey with the Towton game. We never did have a Lancastrian victory, but we have played it through to a conclusion at every show. With a different kind of battle developing everytime, it has been a near run thing a couple of times. We met and talked to, and at, a lot of people and made some new friends. It's great to put faces to those anonymous seeming comments on the blog page. The game has been well received and even gained a prize at Salute.

A big thanks to all the people who have made this possible.

Peter Berry, Igor and all the others at Baccus, for their sponsorship of the game.

Freezywater for running up the flags in 6mm scale.

Graham, Leigh and Yorkie for there sterling effort at the painting and gaming.

Ruarigh for the mammoth amount he's taken on with project managing it, as well as sorting out rules, army lists and painting around half the figures. Oh and building most of the terrain. I'm sure he didn't sleep for about a year while doing this.

And thanks to you, for all the words of encouragement we have received, while setting these games up. It all helped to keep the idea rolling.

Next year we are hoping to go to a few shows with much, much smaller games. So if anyone wants to help with 'The Rather Small Skirmish Project' let me know.

Who knows, in a couple of years, we may have recovered enough to put on a bigger game again. Now where are the battle orders for Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings :-).............