Sunday 22 May 2011

Triples - Day 2

Day 2 of Triples is over and I am knackered. Still, we had a fantastic day with a lot of positive comments again. It was great to meet all the people that follow the blog and I hope those of you that are pimping 6mm for big battles at your clubs succeed. Now, we need to get our creative hats on and improve the game again for Derby in October. Before that though, there will be a Baccus Games Day on July 17th (the day after the Baccus open day). A smaller version of our Towton game will be there as a participation game for up to six players at a time. Although there will only be about 8000 figures on the table, you too could get a chance to make the critical decisions in this battle.

Many will be asking how the games went. Very well, says I, with my Yorkist hat on. We managed to play the game through to a conclusion on both days, and the Yorkists won on both days. The second day was harder fought and saw leaders fall on both sides. It also saw significant treachery on the part of Northumberland, who decided to change sides with the same alacrity that Steve showed, when I offered to let him take command of the Yorkists late in the day. Steve happily left Graham running the Lancastrians and sped around to join the Earl of March and his compatriots as they routed the enemy.

Anyway, enough rambling. Thank you for coming and seeing us and making our outing to Triples worthwhile. Here are some shots from today's game. My apologies for the quality of my photography.

The Lancastrians advance piecemeal. Their command and control was woefully lacking:

Views from the Yorkist lines:

Bloody Meadow - Lancastrian routers trying to escape as others are cut down:

The melee develops as Norfolk arrives and the Yorkists take advantage of holes in the Lancastrian lines. Fauconberg's command suffers badly from the Lancastrian ambush, but the rest of the Yorkist are busily routing Lancstrians and then turning on the flanks of their neighbours in the battle line before advancing towards the Cock Beck:

Saturday 21 May 2011

Triples - Day 1

Blimey, I'm exhausted already and there is another day to go. I would just like to say thank you to all of you that dropped by and made positive comments about the game. We had a great day talking to everyone and even managed to complete a game.

About 10am: The troops are all deployed and ready to be moved

We decided not to move them for the first hour or so to give people a chance to see the armies deployed. That went on longer than expected because of the number of people looking and talking to us.

Sometime in the afternoon: The Lancastrians have started moving but two contingents are worried about the plan and awaiting reassurance. They would have changed sides if the enemy had contacted them.

So, as I wrote before, we completed one game, which was more than we expected and rather surprising given how busy we were. It probably helped that in the first melee of the game Steve managed to get Holland and Exeter killed. With the battle effectively headless and its commander's troops fleeing for their lives, Edward was able to turn on the flank of the rest of the battle. It would not be long now before the Lancastrians were fleeing for Bloody Meadow ...