Wednesday 5 May 2010

Progress to Date

Progress to date (Click for a larger version):

This is based on the information passed back to me and may be out of date now if Graham's enthusiasm has carried him away! This lot amounts to 5238 figures painted and based. In theory we could stop and put on the game in another 3000 or so figures, but where would the fun be in that? Come on, lads, keep painting. If we can fill all of these boxes then we shall field over 25,000 figures on the table. Of course, what we really need is a totaliser to keep track of it all.

Northumberland's Command

Well, it's been a while since I posted much of anything, so here is Northumberland's command all painted, based and deployed on part of our Blore Heath terrain. I was languishing in the painting doldrums a bit before Triples, as well as being distracted by terrain building. After Triples I suddenly found myself all enthusiastic for painting and managed to get 20 stands painted to complete this command. Woohoo! Click the pictures for larger images.
That gives me two commands completed and four left to do. One of those commands has been farmed out to volunteers, which leaves me three to paint myself. I had better get on with it, eh. Next up will be Norfolk's reinforcements followed by Devon's command. After that it will be back to that nice Mr Baccus for even more figures. The flags that the Lance and Longbow Society have donated are a real godsend too, but I still find myself making scads of livery flags and company flags to bulk out the rest of the troops. I really need to consolidate the ones I have already done and stick them into a single file instead of scattering them around my laptop as I have!