Saturday, 10 April 2010

Blore Heath Test Game

Next week we shall be presenting our Blore Heath game at Triples in Sheffield. This is part of our programme of morale-boosting games to keep us on track for a fine Towton game in 2011. Steve and I played it through today and had a great time. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present some photos of the game. As you can see, we still have a little work to do before next weekend. (Click the pics for larger images)

The Start of the Battle

The game progressed largely as expected. The Yorkists shot arrows at the Lancastrians and caused a few casualties. The Yorkist artillery was fairly rubbish and did little damage, while the Lancastrian archery was excessively effective but still failed to daunt the Yorkists, who passed every morale test with flying colours.

The Lancastrians advance

The Lancastrian cavalry charged enthusiastically forward, got shot up and then two-thirds of it routed from the baggage guard.

The Lancastrian cavalry enthusiastically charge

The remaining unit assaulted the baggage guard but was driven off, although this assault did also cause the baggage guard to say they were fed up, so they routed too.

The Lancastrian Cavalry enthusiastically routs

With the cavalry out of the way and the arrows exhausted, the Yorkists surged forwards from their defences and down the hill towards the Lancastrians.

The Yorkists surge forwards

The began to push the Lancastrians back and pretty soon the show was over. Dudley lay dead on the ground, Exeter had fled and Audley was looking rather sorry for himself with all those holes in him. The Lancastrians surrendered. A great game that was closer than I expected.

Please come along and see the game in the flesh at Triples if you are around Sheffield at the weekend. Feel free to introduce yourself and have a chat. We like chatting!


  1. Looking good - keep the faith, Towton is my must see game of 2011 (and SWMBO's!)

  2. Great stuff! Loved reading the report and as always the pice are illuminating.

    Good to see a link to this on the Lance and Longbow Society's forum(?).


  3. Looking great!!

    The models and the terrain are looking the business. Wish i could be there.



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