Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Warwicks Battle, Triples and other ramblings

I also have to congratulate Ruarigh and Steve on making some first class terrain for Blore Heath, a great info board ( who mentioned wonky?) and great company. The games played were all good fun and the only reason I took over from my son was because I needed to taste victory having been on the losing side consistently over the two days ( there's nothing wrong with my Generalship)!!!

As you can see from the above I even managed to get Warwick himself finished. The weekends gaming enthused me enough to come home an undercoat all of Norfolks contingent and upon my return from Scotland this weekend the brush will be out!!!
As to the rules - Poleaxes 2 worked extremely well and I was suitably impressed and look forward to using them for Towton.

So once again thanks Gents for a great weekend, thanks to Pete for his support and faith ! in us and to the Lance and Longbow Society for those damned little banners etc. Roll on Towton!!!.


  1. Excuses, excuses! Why not just admit that you are as treacherous as the next Wars of the Roses era commander? ;-)

    I thought your figures looked great and the reenactors from Stanley's retinue seemed suitably impressed too. While looking through my bits box, I came across the Baccus camp set. I'm betting we could adapt that to represent Stanley at the pub in Blore. That might make them even happier.

  2. All right I give in!!!! Just got to get in to role.

  3. Look at all that.

  4. By my reckoning, this lot added to Steve's and my figures brings us to the 5000 figure mark for the project. Not too shabby.


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