Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sir Edward Neville of Birling, 1st Lord Abergavenny

Hello all,

My small contributions continue, another contingent painted for Ruarigh.  This time its Sir Edward Neville of Birling, 1st Lord Abervagenny.

Well, thats 2 contingents done, which will be in the post first thing monday morning.



  1. Looking good, Steve. Can't wait to get them on the table.

  2. Very impressive! I have a question I was meaning to ask - as a wargamer being drawn for the first time into WotR modelling, how do you track down livery details? I see in your photo you have a slip of paper identifying the colours for the noble, and I was wondering what your source was?


  3. For liveries etc, i use the poleaxed source books and the lance and longbow publications...the slip of paper you see in the picture is from Ruarigh.

    Maybe if we ask him nicely he'll post a list of nobles and their livery details. Maybe just for the Towton battle??


  4. I shall write a short article on my sources for you later this week. Unfortunately, this will also probably merely show you that I am making it up! ;) I might be able to put together a list of the liveries we are using for Towton too. I think I still owe a short article on how I paint my figures. I also need to download my photos from our game at Triples and upload them here. So much to do, so little time!


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