Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Blore Heath - The Cavalry Command

We shall be putting on a small game of Blore Heath at Triples in April. Please come along and say hello if you are there. The Lancastrian army at Blore Heath had a cavalry wing. Blore Heath was one of the few Wars of the Roses battles to feature cavalry so it is fun to play it out. Here we see the whole of that cavalry wing, in this picture led by Exeter. Click the picture for a larger image.

I can't wait to see these guys thundering across the battlefield and then getting shot down by the heroic Yorkists! ;-)

You have seen the knights in a previous post of mine, so here are the men-at-arms on their own:

As usual, all the figures are by Baccus. The banners are by Freezywater and the company flags on the men-at-arms are by Baccus.


  1. Brilliant. I love the vague wedge formations you've made

  2. Thank you. I wanted an impression of barely controlled charge for the knights without going all out on the wedge formation. Hopefully I am somewhere close to that goal. The armoured cavalry are less enthusiastic and so they can maintain a line better!

  3. Got a little time to go snooping. Wow, this is really shaping up guys, and absolutely stunning. You know, I think you're going to succeed!

  4. We will achieve something but I currently doubt our ability to achieve the largest numbers I want to put on the table. We shall see.


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