Saturday, 1 August 2009

More About My Elephant's Ear

As promised, here are some pictures with a little explanatory text and rather too many statistics. First, my elephant's ear, Edward IV's command as it arrived yesterday from Baccus(Click pics for larger versions):

Everything was very well packed and all the figures were in bags marked with what they contained. Peter had acceded to my demands for a non-standard mix of ordinary troops and command strips (the minis come on strips of four figures) and had marked on the bags how many of each was in each bag.

With the shiny new figures in my grubby mitts, I set to and sorted out what I needed for Edward IV's command. There are a few figures left over because the commands do not conform exactly to the packs of 24 strips (96 figures each). These will be put towards the next command I produce.

As mentioned before, I also received a large bag full of pre-cut 60x30mm mdf bases from East Riding Miniatures. I immediately sorted out what I needed for Edward's command and laid them out on the table. You can see the pile of additional stands in the corner. I have enough for about 2/3 of the Yorkist army. This picture shows Edward's command as it would be deployed, but sans figures. How depressing to see so many empty stands! The 30x40mm stand in front of the battle will be Edward's command stand. I plan to make it a little diorama but am unsure just what to put on it yet.

Our basic core army will consist of six commands like this one and once painted will contain 8514 figures. This command alone will contain 1212 figures. However, me being me, I had to lay out our ultimate goal too. This picture shows Edward's battle at triple size (The rule in the front of the picture is 1' or 30cm long).

If we succeed in fielding the armies at triple size, as we hope to, then we shall field 25470 figures in the whole army and Edward's command will contain 7242 figures. After laying out the triple size army, I suddenly thought about expanding the game further. What if we could do the game at quadruple size? I did not have enough stands to lay out Edward's whole command at quadruple size, so I have done a rather simplistic and not very competent photoshop job on what I did have to give an idea of how it might look.

Each of the contingents in this command has a frontage of 24cm or 9.5". The whole command would have a frontage on the table of 1.2m or 4'. Now that's more like it! The whole army in this case would consist of 33948 figures, with Edward's battle containing 9654 figures. Oh yes, now that's what I call a game!

Right, enough blogging, I have figures to prepare and undercoat, while I also need to clear my painting table so that I can crack on with the Towton project. Wish me luck, I am going in!


  1. Good Luck!! An excellent period and a great scale.
    Being a long time war gamer and this being one of my favorite periods and definitely one of my scales of choice,I will be following your Blog with much interest,Will we be seeing progress in the Hobilar? I will put a Link to your Blog on my site as I know some of the followers on my site wold be interested in this Blog.

  2. The Lance and Longbow Society are supporting us, and we propose to support them with articles in Hobilar too. I am not sure at what point an article would be appropriate, but at least one article will be written along the way and a follow-up will be written once we have taken the game to a show or two. Thank you for the link. I hope more than a few people are interested in our demented ramblings! :-)

  3. Ye gods - seeing those bases actually laid out like that is truly frightening!!! I can only wish you the very best of luck in taking the plunge...



  4. What scares me is that none of the pictures give a true sense of the scale of them! Just clearing the decks, then it is on with the Towton figures for the next year or so.


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