Friday, 31 July 2009

How do you eat an elephant?

Answer: One bite at a time.

Who am I?
This is my first diary entry of the project. As you will find, I am somewhat prolix and can write lots about virtually nothing. I am Ruarigh. I live near Hull in East Yorkshire and am an archaeologist by profession. I have worked in archaeology in various capacities for the past twenty years. I specialise in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age archaeology, language, literature, history and culture and embrace a fully multi-disciplinary approach. Currently I am also studying for a part-time PhD in Viking Age warfare, which will see me becoming the world expert on berserkerology if I ever complete it, at least until the next person comes along and advances study of the subject beyond what I have done. My approach has been described as textual archaeology, but it has a strong cognitive element, or, as Neil Price puts it, it is the 'archaeology of the odd'. But that is probably more than you really wish to know about me.

What am I doing?
I received an elephant ear in the post today. The figures I need for Edward IV's command in our basic order of battle arrived from Baccus Miniatures. I ordered them only a day or so ago, so the turnaround has been really quick despite the fact that Pete was busily preparing to go to Claymore at the time. I also received the 2.5mm thick MDF bases that I ordered from Tony Barr at East Riding Miniatures. I ordered those on Thursday and they arrived on Friday. That's pretty good turnaround in anybody's book. I know Tony and like him, so I am pleased to be able to directly support him in this.

So, I have enough figures and bases to put together my first command of the army. The next step is to prep and undercoat the figures, then I need to get them painted. By my reckoning I need to paint one command every two months to meet the project goals.

I plan to build one set of the whole basic order of battle as my contribution to this project. Pete Berry at Baccus is offering a generous discount to the project team to help us achieve our goals. This has made buying the whole order of battle achievable for me.I just need to have a bit of a clear out and sell some stuff on eBay so that I can raise the money for it, because I am currently 'resting' between jobs thanks to my very kind former employers. Still, it gives me time to pursue my PhD in more detail and to get on with this project. Gotta look on the bright side.

Pictures to follow tomorrow.


  1. Hi Raurigh,

    Good to see you in the world of the blog. Project looks interesting. Not my period but I'll happily keep an eye on progress! ;)

    Hope all's well


  2. Hi Andy,

    Glad to see you in here. I should start an ASL blog too, but am not getting to play it at the mo.


  3. Likewise. Year gone since last game but keeping the figure gaming going at the moment as easier to fit that in to life/kids etc. My blog is at if you've a spare minute?

    All the best and let me know when you're next up north.


  4. Checked your blog out, Andy, and I like it. I was going to leave a comment about your trees and rough going, which look really good but it would not let me.

  5. Must have had settings wrong. can you try again please?

  6. Still can't get it t olet me post a comment. I click the Post a Comment link and it does not come up with the box for writing the comment in, even when I am signed in to your site. :-(


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