Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Just how far do I have to go still?

In an idle moment (yeah, right, like I have time for idle moments!) I set out my two armies for the Towton project. This was depressing for me in a number of ways! Firstly, the size of the armies did not look that great laid out as they were on a couple of card tables. Secondly, the size of the unpainted elements of my armies looked huge, laid out as they were on a couple of card tables! I also don't actually have enough bases for my armies yet and had to reuse them so that I could show both armies in photos. Time to pop along to Tony at East Riding Miniatures sometime soon. Good job he lives just down the road from me. Fortunately, the Yorkist army is actually further along than it appears, because two friends, John and Brendan, are kindly helping me by painting a contingent each. I hope to con Steve (not Yorkie) into helping with the Lancastrian army, but I suspect that will cost me. Click the pictures below for larger view and remember that each army is set up on a two foot frontage. When we deploy the full size armies for Towton with everyone's contributions, they will be deployed on a frontage of nearly thirteen feet (approximately four metres for the imperially-challenged). The table will be eighteen feet long by four feet wide, although we are debating whether we should make it six feet wide to give a bit more depth for the Lancastrians to rout in.

The Yorkist Army

The Lancastrian Army


  1. Super progress
    Good to see the thrash-talking has already begun!

  2. This looks fantastic so far! Keep the faith...

  3. Thanks, guys. I appreciate the support. I now need to just make enough time to paint everything left. Aaargh! :-)

  4. looking good, still alot to do though......

    I have a few projects to get done, but when ive made some progress on my own various bits and bobs ill be happy to paint up a few more contingents for you. I just need to resist the new and the shiney, maybe i should ban myself fro the internet for a month, id probably get a years worth of painting done.....



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