Monday, 20 September 2010

Derby, 2nd/3rd October - Battle of Northampton 10th July 1460

On a rainy July day, a Yorkist army of around 15000 men caught up with 6000 Lancastrians near Northampton. The rain was heavy enough that the Lancastrian artillery was next to useless, a shame because they appear to have had rather a lot of it. Despite the lack of artillery support, the Yorkists appear to have fared badly in their assault until Lord Grey turned coat. Suddenly his men were helping the Yorkists across the defences and into the artillery park. At this the rest of the Lancastrian army routed and tried to flee. About 400 men appear to have been slain in this rout, among them some notable lords such as Buckingham, while Henry VI was captured in his tent.

This battle features treachery, a fortified position and a whole bunch of artillery. It also features rain and mud, so there are plenty of variables for us to play with, and plenty of opportunities for chaos to occur. We hope you will have time to pop along and see us there.

Apologies for the lack of teaser photos, but we are still making the terrain! As usual, our thanks go to Baccus 6mm and the Lance and Longbow Society for their support with our endeavours.


  1. And as the 2nd is Richard II's birthday you'll need to make sure the Yorkists win! :-)


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