Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Finally! Towton at Salute.

Here are a few shots of our Towton game at Salute. Thanks to Steve, who took the photos and took most of the stuff down in his car because I could not attend. He, Graham and Leigh displayed the game most excellently by all accounts, and we are all thrilled to little fluffy bits to have won the trophy for Most Impressive Troops.

Because we were short-staffed, we chose to run a scripted demo rather than try to play the game. I sent Steve off with a script for the game and it looks like it worked well, ensuring that the action continued all day and that the situation changed as people returned to see what had happened next.

There were a couple of incidents of note though. One eagle-eyed observer spotted that Lord Fauconberg had troops on both sides of the battle. Classic Wars of the Roses strategy that. After all, he wanted to make sure he was on the winning side! We also got a couple of people asking where the other army was once the troops were all engaged in melee. Clearly we need more casualty markers to show the progress of the Lancastrian army. Alternatively, some arrows marking their route might be a good idea.

Thank you to everyone for their positive comments about the game. If you did not get to Salute, our next planned outing is Triples in Sheffield. Hopefully we shall see you there. Please click the photos for larger images.

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